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4/17/2008 1:41:17 PM  

Girls/ Women: What do you think of guys learning about improving skills to seduce women?

I am meeting Daniel from www.badboylifestyle.com again over the weekend.

OK google search it and you see plenty of videos of him on Youtube.

We are kind of are becoming buddies here in Zagreb (where I now live) and he portrays in his video image of alpha male, strong, powerful, direct, sexual which is a necessary pre-condition of being a man in this part of the world (beautiful adriatic coast of Balkans).

His teachings have a high success rate in USA, UK, Germany etc - and Ukranian men have expressed interest in him teaching there. What would he be successful in Ukraine and Russian Federation in your opinion?

For example, if I stop you when walking to the beach on Black Sea and I tell you from what appears to be at the bottom of my heart that you are the most beautiful women I have met that day and that I will get to know you and you are somehow free to move around me - what is your then chance of saying yes to sit down and have coffee (or whatever) with me at the next door cafe - like he does on video?

4/17/2008 2:52:12 PM  

beanstobe Do youself a favor and grow up. Why waste your time on learning ways to get woman for emotionally vacant encounters. Maybe you should take a lesson on how to have a healthy relationship. When you make sex your number one importance, you are missing the point, and your vision becomes clouded. Better to have a great relationship first, then the sexual part will be even better, and more meaningful.

4/18/2008 4:04:32 AM  

It has nothing to do with number of sexual partners.

It has to do with choice - which comes down to lifestyle.

Let me ask you: what would you rather have: a passport where you need special visas to travel around the world or a passport which allows you free unlimited travel?

Same goes with the opposite sex: Would you rather have one possibility of having a meaningful relationship with a lame or unavailable man who does not live with or near you (like in the USA) or one who is always close to you and is available for you and is a strong alpha male?

Go figure.

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Форум -> Badboy lifestyle - opinion

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