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3/21/2007 3:24:40 PM  

(Apologies for the Russians - I have forgotten most of it)

Zdrastivitchie Dviouchkie,

Ja Scholtandie/Fransouskie Ingenieur rabotel Bucharest. Vot realitat:

Mart vosiem, nache Client, Director General Implementatie Organistie la Fund EU za Roumanie (Ministerul Public Finance Roumanie), dviostka, 35 liet, pishet za Munipalitat za "Ja zavout... Director constructie Projekt Constanta-Maia Vada Projekt Financizert EU za 150million dollarof".

Problem 1: Ja nie znaoiu Ja Direktor i Ja nie Khatchiou Director kakgda ya nie znaouie - i - moi nominazie Direcktor eta Polikitisch Partie problem za Roumanie.

Problem 2: Normal Ja rabotul firm za projekt Anti-Corruptie funde EU za nache Client. Moi Nominatie eta conflict za nache firme. No, Ja katchou eta nominatie kak eta Balshoie experienc. No, problem eta politic partie Roumanie (nache Client) i drougie partie, Municpalitiat Constanta

Vache idee: Ja prinimatc nominatie Director ili niet (kakga ya znaoiut ya trogats polikitish partie problem?

English: Here is the full situation:

The firm I work for (part-time) was awarded an EU funded contract to follow up and ensure anti-corruptive procedures on the investments funded by the EU from Bruseels. I am a named Key Expert. I was then personally nominated, on March 10th, behind my back, for a totally separate position by the Director of our Client (CFCU, MoPF in Romania) that is beyond the terms of our contract. The nomination is for me to be the responsible in charge for the construction of several wastewater treatment plants (ie: Director level) that would ensure a clean bathing sea on Romania's largest and most famous seaside resort. My nomination was made before I, or our company, knew about it and from different sources the EU Consortium agree taht it appears to be linked to the current political dispute between the Romanian President and Prime Minister (different political parties - as you probably see on your news).

I would like to take up the position as it would be excellent experience. And the company wants to ensure we follow up with the role anyway otherwise their initial contract will be cancelled by the Client (though it is illegal under the EU !). Discussions about this by our firm with the EU Delegation are useless because they are closing down and are fully aware of the 15 years of corruption in Romania and don't want to get involved anymore!

I know that accepting such a nomination means that I, British citizen, have sided to one poltical party (of which I know nothing about) and have therefore implicitly agreed to prevent the project being completed for the Municpality as it appears that is the wish of our Client. Consequently, many lives will obviosuly be more at risk with continued pollution if the project isn't completed. Further, by accepting this position, I agree that I have contravened the conflict of interest inherent in our original EU funded contract, and implicitly agree to corrupt practices that I as Key Expert signed to prevent.

However, if I don't agree, or agree to the nomination and don't follow her corrupt procedures, then I will most probably be out of the country, and some other really corrupt individual whom the Consortium know will for sure take over.

The CFCU is the number 1 recepient of the 2 billion euros of EU investments and so she, the 35 year old Director, wouldn't want me anywhere in sight.

Should I accept the nomination?

Or... interestingly on March 10th I woke up with an erotic dream concerning the director, which I thought was strange as she is not attractive on Romanian standards and I didn't feel any connection when I met her (March 9th). I was then told she is looking for a foreign man.

Should I scrap the nomination and date her ?
Or both?

Any ideas girls?

3/24/2007 3:56:35 AM  

Screw the nomination and screw the Director!
This way you will have an opportunity to learn from your own experience, whether or not what your funny article about Opportunistic Russian Women says is true:)))

3/24/2007 5:34:26 AM  

she's romanian - not russian

3/24/2007 7:04:25 AM  

Oh! That makes a big difference! I agree. Nazi

3/26/2007 2:05:22 PM  

Spasiba Bounty la idees, No Ja nie Khatchioue sex v Direktor! Ana nie krasive i ana politic (Deputat Minister la finance). No, ya probavats Romanian da roga za solutie! Ja katchou zcasal moi poste eta forum eta kak "open your mind girls". Kak vot realitat: Ingenieur Romanesc platit (earn) 200-300 dollarov adin dien (200-300usd/day). Mnoga louide zcasal zdies nada rabotule v Ukrainie ili Rassie. Alors volia: Bienvenue en Europe vous les Russes, Ukrainiennes etc!

3/29/2007 1:15:43 AM  


I'm sorry, lol, but... WHAT?? I did my best to decipher what you were trying to say. Don't think I've done a very good job though. Could you write everything once again in English.
So have you already taken up the position?

3/29/2007 12:02:23 PM  


U maybe didn't understand everything because I didn't tell the whole story.
It's not just Romanian politicians, at least one foreign expatriate (British) is also involved and everyone knows that. Some people in government are trying to do something.
Anyway it is all above my head, so no I did take up the position.
I spent 24hours in Nikolaev to get away from it all instead (see Ukraine by car) on fiance.com).
It's maybe wise, for obvious reasons, that I don't talk about the above nomination anymore.

3/29/2007 12:07:41 PM  

The Constanta treatment plant would have ensured clean bathing waters to the highest EU standards.
Because the sea current goes clockwise in the Northern hemisphere, bathers in Odessa and beyond would have seen a marked improvement in the quality of their sea coast.
Thanks to some politicians in Romania, the Odessa sea water quality will be delayed by a few years.
That's all I have to say.

3/30/2007 9:03:15 AM  

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3/30/2007 2:44:24 PM  

Grow up grienlord or go and play in kindergartenschule

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