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9/13/2006 1:37:24 PM  

Hi there ladies. Just joined fiance.com. Is there a good proportion of english speaking ladies on the site? Seems to be limited, which would seem to make for difficulties in forming a relationship. I am very laid back and relaxed, and like to have fun, but language difficulties could present problems, and I don't think an interpreter sitting with us on our romantic dinner could adequateley convey my intended humour! By the way, I have been copying and pasting a couple of the posts here into a translator, just to guage the sort of ladies I may or may not be fortunate enough to encounter. I guess you ladies have an equal amount of concerns as the guys do over on the gents forum, http://forum.fiance.com/.

Well, I wish you luck.

9/14/2006 12:51:22 PM  

Hi notelvis...didnt quite understand what you mean by your posting ??

yeah, language barrier (and sometimes lack of knowledge language) could make difficulties in building a realtions...but eyes contact..smile :), love language..how about that??? yeah, before falling in love these two have to get to know each other as they are not going to communicate by just looking in each others eyes :) you are right...but i think, when people really like each other - it is sort of -where is the will there is the way-they will find the way to understand each other very well!!!!
as for me...i dont think that interpreter could make our romantic dinner really romantic :)it should be just me and him :)


12/26/2007 3:36:29 PM  

Приветик всем Я на форуме один день, так что извините если промахнулась с разделом, что бы спросить совета. Если модераторы сочтут нужным перетащить темку то пойму
Вообщем у меня проблема, незнаю какой подарок подарить молодому человеку на НГ??? Поскажите что бы вы сами подарили или хотели бы? А то времени на выборы уже совсеи мало

5/26/2008 11:36:08 AM  

Good afternoon!
I understand Norvelis very well... I dont think harmonical relationships could be formed without deep integration and you cant get to know the person without proper communication... smile, eye's contact is good, but how about that we, women, well most of us, arent able to fall in love with man, if we are deeply attracted to his mind and inner world... I dont imagine true love without being able to share the innermost... without common language you can fall in love in someone whom you wont know really and she would not be able to value you for what you are inside...thats a compromise... and for what?
Thanks for reading, bye!

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Форум -> english speaking

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