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11/7/2009 9:28:33 PM  

Если они говорят тебе люблю, только видя твоё фото и приглашая к себе, то что нужно делать?

11/22/2009 5:06:56 AM  

Я считаю, что это свидетельствует о страсти блуда мужчины и что он обманывает женщину.

2/3/2010 7:53:26 PM  

Нужно приглашать его к себе - что он ответит? Я пишу сразу - приезжай сам ко мне или оплачивай мою поездку к тебе - сразу все вопросы и любовь исчезает. Прекрасная позиция - он сидит дома и женщины едут к нему за свой счёт... Сегодня - Вера, завтра - Таня....

3/19/2010 8:49:48 AM  

Что это за мужик который не оплачивает женщине поездку к себе? Бееее....

3/19/2010 8:51:05 AM  

Хотя..., может дело в самих женщинах? Т.е. они сами так неправильно поставили себя перед иносранцем?

12/20/2010 7:31:55 PM  

Meet in person.

Look into the other's eyes.

5/8/2011 2:28:54 AM  

"What kind of guy who does not pay the woman a trip to her? Beeee ...."
<br>Do you know what is a "foreign culture" ?
<br>do you know that in other country usually women pay for theirself and women that ask money are considered only person that using men to have money?
<br>This is what really happen in country like italy and maybe where there is femminism, I think in some country like "ideal italy" people usually are not so rich like in russian mentality, there is economical crise there and often the only person that can pay for you a trip is a man over 50 that becomed rich after several years... maybe that''s why usually are not guy of 25-30 years old to say you "i will pay for u the trip".
<br>This discussion are very interesting for me,
<br>me too I''ve invited a girl to come to me in Moscow (where i live),
<br>luckly i can pay trip for her, but she''s not sure about come to my place to live with me,
<br>exactly like you.
<br>I told her i want live togheter, create a family and find also a job for her (i think should be boring just live in a place and sit at home), obviously before spending some months togheter to be sure our feeling will be strong enough, you should know in italian mentality marriage is not for 2 years like in rossya, usually divorce are not so common like in rossya.
<br>By the way i don''t know what will happen... and I''m not an old 50-60 years man rich, I''m just a 29 years guy with a normal life,
<br>for example i can''t understand why women here don''t want to use skype to have a video-chat, and let pay men 1$ for minute(1 conversation of 1 hour on this website cost 1800ru for a man! maybe for some old rich american is normal spend 1800ru everyday of video-chat, but often girls here don''t care about it, look like every foreigner want waste his money (maybe you found a very rich man if he don''t care about it), but often i think that girls, specially from "agency" are paid to do it, that''s why i''m scared she''s not real interested in me... and often i don''t want to continue to speak... also for example if i send sms and i don''t receive answer... if i call ok, but now answer to sms, i read in some pages of this forum that man must call you always... i found instead very unpolite when a girl don''t care about ur sms, and maybe she''s not interested in you... do you know that in italy young people i mean also till 35 (man and woman) use much more sms then call?
<br>Sorry for all my words, I just desired express my opiniion about different things i read on this forum, and how sometimes can be different the culture between 2 country...
<br>I also read on this forum a girl that was suggesting a girl to not have sex till marriage))) like for armenian people... and "who is interested will wait" I think instead that the reality will be that he will have sex with another woman... we are living in the 2011, if a man is interested "REALLY" he will continue to stay with u in any case, sure sometimes can be better wait a bit, but sometimes is not usefull, i want share one of my experience of my life, from "guy side" and not "woman side".
<br>3 years ago i met a girl from SPb, we had sex at 1st night, but i liked her very much,
<br>we living togheter 5 months in SPb, i went there to live with her... after she changed behaviour and we broke up...
<br>But i was loving her and before to broke up i was thinking to marry her... but she becomed very different person and i saw she continue to speak with some other men...
<br>I mean, if a man like you very much, will stay with you, but wait till marriage for sex is crazy)))) no any men will do it)))))
<br>I was also reading about men in kiev coming only for sex, i think there are many men that do it, like there are many women that do the same in turkey or egypt, i think is normal, look i''ve instead another problem, i live in moscow and girls want only sex and not any relationship! in 2 years i was not able to have a girlfriend because all the girls have a boyfriend at home and have sex with other guy... so i''ve decided to search a girl on-line, to find a person faithful and ready to be only with 1 man, and is what i want... but for sure not all men and not all women want the same!
<br>I think sometimes we should speak much more men and women to understand each other =)

5/9/2011 2:21:49 AM  

Интересный вопрос однако рассматриваете)
Не глупите, конечно мужчина из другой страны не все такие коварные как вы считаете, у меня были не сколько таких встреч, было замечательно. Так вот мужчина должен оплачивать все ваши расходы перечисляя вам денег и сделает вам приглашении invite он там укажет свой адрес и вы естественно сделаете визу в департаменте, потом ждете разрешение визы, после как получите визу ваши и его данные фиксируется департамент по визу когда срок визы заканчивается ваша страна будет вас искать то есть посольства консул, в европе не нужны лишние люди они депортируют. Так что смело соглашайтесь не надо боятся будь те самостоятельным. И осуществляйте дела законно. Желаю удачи!

5/13/2011 9:20:58 AM  

Лучше встречаться в своей стране . Я почти 10 лет, жила в разных странах , видела, как наши девченки попадают...жуть. А здесь , иностранцы, как зайчики, добренькие , щедренькие . Если что то не так , вы в своей стране ...удочки смотали и дома.

5/31/2011 3:29:03 AM  

for Fabry:
Hello Fabri, it''s incorrect when you ask girl to come to you for first meeting.. and to have sex at first night can onl prostitute..man should be wooing a girl he likes as a gentleman. If you really want something serious-you should go first and see where she lives, how she lives..there is no risk for you at all. You can book the hotel with a taxi-service, they meet you and you feel secured like all tourists:) Ukraine is more saved country, than even Italy :) ;)

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